pipelight/wine on 64 bit ubuntu 12.04 LTS/elementary OS

I recently decided to switch from kubuntu to ElementaryOS, which meant reinstalling and reconfiguring my entire system. Most of it went smoothly, but I ran into some dependency troubles setting up pipelight. I’m running on 64 bit, but wine-compholio (wine in most cases, actually) runs as 32 bit, so requires some 32 bit libraries.

For starters, I was getting errors about libglib2.0.0 conflicting with its i386 equivalent, and exhaustive googling led to no results. It turned out that the offending file was a backport of glib 2.36 that came from the https://launchpad.net/~rebuntu16/+archive/sparkleshare+unofficial. I don’t understand why it’s even in there though, since it wasn’t installed when I installed sparkleshare (maybe the unstable branch requires it?). So I just disabled the sparkleshare ppa, and apt-get update’d, which got past that error.

At that point, I kept gettings stuck with this error:

gettext-base : Conflicts: gettext-base:i386

It turns out this is a https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gettext/+bug/954029 with wine packages claiming to need gettext:i386, when wine doesn’t even need gettext. This particular incarnation came from aptitude auto-installing recommended packages, but I hit a bunch of variations on it in the process.

Eventually I found a http://askubuntu.com/questions/220171/how-to-workaround-gettext-dependency-problem-when-installing-wine that covered this issue, and tuned me in to an aptitude flag that I was unaware of. It suggested

sudo aptitude install wine1.5-amd64 gettext:i386-

which tells aptitude not to install gettext:i386. So I adjusted it to pipelight:

aptitude install pipelight gettext:i386-

Which, to my surprise, did the job, and pipelight is running fine now.

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