dnsmasq and hostnames with different IPs on different networks

dnsmasq hosts configuration I run a raspberry pi as a router, and also as a server for email, a few local web applications, and some other odds and ends. I want to be able to access these services from both networks, without having to change application settings or remember which network I’m on to figure out what IP or hostname to contact.

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Raspberry pi router update -- quicker route switching

After using my pi vpn gateway hotspot for a while, I’ve found the Chromecast’s method for switching wifi networks pretty slow and frustrating, so I made a one-button solution.

Quick switch page

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Evil corporation t-shirts

Evil corporation tshirts I had some free credit at an online Chinese print shop, and one of the products they offer is custom printed t-shirts. I just received some that I had ordered, with logos from fictional evil corporations (well, Wayne Enterprises isn’t always evil, but it sure tends to head in that direction every time Bruce wanders off for a few years…

Raspberry Pi server and VPN-routing wifi hotspot

Overall Network

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Switched to Hugo

Today I discovered hugo, a golang static website engine. I had set up textpress for this purpose, but hugo looks much more thorough, and more actively maintained, so I migrated over. This also dovetails with my desire to work in go, which hugo is written in. I am using the hyde theme. I’ve also been thinking about increasing my content throughput on this blog, particularly posting content I’m generating already on various web communities.
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OpenMPD a ministry partner maintenance Android app.

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This site is mainly an archive of interesting bits of my online life; articles, discussions, content, pictures and musings, harvested from my regular usage of sites like Twitter, Reddit, Imgur, and so on. I also include write-ups of my spare-time technical projects.

pipelight/wine on 64 bit ubuntu 12.04 LTS/elementary OS

I recently decided to switch from kubuntu to ElementaryOS, which meant reinstalling and reconfiguring my entire system. Most of it went smoothly, but I ran into some dependency troubles setting up pipelight. I’m running on 64 bit, but wine-compholio (wine in most cases, actually) runs as 32 bit, so requires some 32 bit libraries. For starters, I was getting errors about libglib2.0.0 conflicting with its i386 equivalent, and exhaustive googling led to no results.
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Reject mail by pattern match on postfix

For a while I’ve been using a setup where every time I sign up to a website, I use a unique recipient delimiter for that site (eg base.reddit@mydomain for reddit) so I can avoid spam and see who is leaking addresses to third parties. Now that some of these addresses have been leaked, the easiest way to start filtering them would be just to procmail them to /dev/null, but I was wondering, if there is a way to configure postfix to reject emails to a specific delimiter.
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How I set up ElementaryOS in Crouton on an Acer C7 Chromebook

(this post recovered from my old deleted blog via google Cache) My wife has been using a Chromebook C7 for about a year now with a great deal of success. It does almost everything she needs, except connect to our printer, and run Firefox (for some reason our medical insurance’s website does not accept Chrome). So I wanted to set up a Linux UI for her to do these things, and thought ElementaryOS would be pretty and simple for her.
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Development: Recover protected application data from non-rooted Android phone

I had a near disaster at work yesterday. Our production server for a networked mobile app we’re building got wiped by mistake, and some of the data were not properly backed up. The good news is that the content of the DB is cached by the Android client. Since my phone is rooted, it was a simple task to recover the cache files (in this case in json format) from my phone.
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